Wednesday, September 19, 2007

***The Mighty Mighty O'Jays***


My favorite, #1, can't-get-no-better-than-them Old School band of all time is coming to town next week. Lawd, the Mighty Mighty O'Jays will be here on the 29th and am soooo excited! I love old school music but the O'Jays??? That's just on another level.

Put it this way, the O'Jays are one of the two incentives that I have to get married before menopause. I have declared that they WILL be performing at my reception (dammit). So actually, let me revise that. There's only one incentive to be married before menopause: death.

The death of my folks and death of the O'Jays.

That's it.

To understand the greatness of this group, you don't have to look very far, long, or hard. The O'Jays have stood the test of time for a reason--- they are f'ing DOPE!!! The vocals, the lyrics, the precision of their dancesteps...*sigh* it gets no better. Walter is just smooth. He's got that (cha)'risma, you know? He's like the Billy Dee Williams. The cold blooded, whoop yo ass in a game of pool without raising an eyebrow, Hennesy-drinking cool cat.

Then there's Eddie Levert. The passion. The one that will inject the gut-filled emotion into any song like a flu shot. The sincerity is just there. You can't deny the fact that it's obvious that he means every word. (I have no comment for the new guy. Nothing against Youngblood but he should just consider himself blessed and keep Eddie and Walter doing what they do.)

One of the best gifts I ever got was a pair of tickets to see them for my 21st birthday. (This was back in the day when I didn't celebrate it, lol) But let me tell you, I acted a damn fool. Yes, I was the youngest person in there and I knew every word to every song (and you know that says a lot with my lyrical handicap!)!
Y'all. I had one of those overwhelming fanatical reactions that I didn't think I was capable of, lol. I sure learned that night! Live orchestra band...great harmony...fantastic music...soulful was soooooo great.

The O'Jays aren't out to simply entertain you with their talents; they wanna have a conversation. Let me tell you, if you're ever feeling hoodwinked, led astray, or bamboozled? Talk to the O'Jays. Feeling played by the boss, professor, homeboy, or yourself? Talk to the O'Jays. If you just wanna vibe on a no-bullshit wave, just talk to the O'Jays. And as much as I love them I don't even listen to them often. I can't. I take them too seriously. I also noticed that I never mix their songs into a playlist. Ever. I can't! Sitting down to an O'Jays album, I know my mood is going to shift to something intense. I go all kinds of places in my mind and sometimes I get emotional. The music is just that beautiful to me...they even covered my favorite old school song of all time "Wildflower" (The New Birth version).


Am I going to the show?
But that's okay because I'm clear that I couldn't appreciate the way I would want to.
But I damn sure appreciate the greatness that is the O'Jays!

So great:o)

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