Friday, November 30, 2007

***Krispy's Engaged!***

**I really hope that she doesn't read my blog cuz then I've gotta explain my super skills in acquiring this mucho cute-o couple photo**


I am rarely this excited about matrimony.

Well, that's not true.
I'm rarely excited about it BEYOND my Hometeam's participation.

Namely because I either don't know the other person (well)...
or I just flat out don't like them.

But in this case I'm sooooooooooooo happy for you two!
I loooooove my Krispy and I definitely dig Will.
Very cool guy and it's all so peeeeerfect!

Can't wait until 8/9/08!

I don't care for L.A.
but that should prove my love, Krispy!

P.S.- "Krispy" is not on her birth certificate.

OMG!!!!!! You've always been the best!!!!!! William was wondering how you found those great pictures of us???
First word:

Rhymes with mase. Masks your brain and for some compensates for a lack of one.

Second word:

It's an item I don't use unless I want to know something.
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