Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm Back B*tches!


I'm back!

No more threats, WTF calls, emails, and texts from y'all.

I'm here.

Stop harassing me.


Where do I start?

I'm waaaaaay overdue for an update, so I'll spare us all the long and drawn-out soliloquy that you'll get bored reading and I'll fall asleep writing.


So why the departure? I got clear around March that I was not willing to do everything it took to be successful at that job. At the end of the day, it had no integrity for me to be there collecting checks. So I left. On excellent terms, may I add. They threw me a going away party, bought me cool stuff, and made me cry 50 different times with sentimental adieus. It was awesome. I have nothing bad to say about the company or my experience so don't wait for disgruntled venting. It doesn't exist:-)

This is a good enough start right?

My business is starting to move (seemingly without me) and it's so eerily wonderful, I can't wait to tell you more about it. I need a few more things to solidify before that disclosure but it's forthcoming. I promise!

Okay, that's it folks.

I need to go.

This dude in the corner has been gawking at me for quite some time,

and I think he's 5 minutes shy of mustering up the courage to talk to me...


Yea!! I must admit that I have quite missed your rantings...not just because you usually boldly proclaim what I have been thinking or anything. :-)
Also glad to hear you kicked that job to the curb! (But I'm sure that goes without saying.)
Welcome back!
Your short baby's mama
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