Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's Talk

Let's talk television shall we?

First up, Real Housewives of Atlanta. What'd I say? What did I MF'n say people!?! CPA: Colored People Antics! Too many damn Black people! These women embarrass me. Actually, no they don't.

No wait....


Yes, they do.

I prefer WWWs for this type of reality television foolery. These particular Black women are too pressed about how their money looks. The money is too new. And they're too tacky for all of it. And I'll watch. I'm 60% committed to seeing it to the end. But alas, there is hope!

That's right! Guess who's back???

Moments like these are only a few weeks away!

Watch more The Real Housewives of Orange County videos on AOL Video

Oh girls are COMING HOME!

And we won't have to wait too long either because it's starts early November! Seems a little sudden, huh? Clearly, the execs at Bravo knew the CPA version of The Real Housewives is lackluster compared to the original WWWs. Basically, the Real Housewives of Atlanta is only showing for about a month and 1 week. I'm so happy. I need my girls! They make me feel regular:o)

In other reality television news....

What's up with a new season of Kimora's show?? These reruns are growing stale. I need more!

Reno 911 is so hillarious! It never gets old. Watch 2 episodes and see if it sticks.

The Office is next in line.

I am boycotting all VH1 efforts for CPA-based reality shows. I tried The Real Chance of Love. I gave it 10 minutes. Then I walked away.

Now let's talk politics....

(stop laughing)

So I'm coming from NYC and I'm at the gate and the news is on and what are they talking about? Sarah Palin spend $150,000 of Republican campaign money on her wardrobe. WHAT!?!? I haven't been passionate about any of the platform issues but this one got me going. $150,000 for clothes?? WHAT'S THE F'N PROBLEM!?!

First off, no person in politics has a right to talk about how much someone should spend on clothes. What the hell do they know about fashion!?!? All that budget-cut talk can't bleed into things like personal shopping. Why? Because they don't understand it. Just like I don't understand what the hell they're talking about most of the time. I was just TOO THROUGH with all of the scrutiny. If I'm positioning to myself to be the next Vice President of America, I have a Neiman Marcus account, money that you donated to get me there and use to help me win, and you expect me NOT to use it!?!?

Screw you!

I know Sarah Palin gets a lot of political criticism. I'm sure it's well-earned but dammit, that woman is an aesthic groundbreaker...a maverick (lol). Seriously! She is doing the damn thing aesthetically. This morning, I was getting ready to watch some of my TiVo shows and I saw her talking in Ohio. I never heard her speak before, so I watched. She sounds more like someone I'd have coffee with instead of a VP nominee, but that woman had EXCELLENT blush placement. I haven't seen that kind of greatness since the '06 Academy Awards redcarpet! Her makeup was FLAWLESSLY executed. The rimless eyeglasses are PERFECT for her face shape. And her hair? No big, round poltician birds nest there! No sir!

I am me and I support the Sarah Palin aesthetic movement.

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