Thursday, October 02, 2008

Opinionated Truths

I'm not a fan of hype. "Sensationalism" is what most will call what I'm talking about. Emotionally-amped propaganda. Also known as "That buuuuullsh*t" least in my head it is. Especially when Black people are the catalyst. You know, I think used to think that White, male sport fanatics were the unacknowledged sort for their innate abilities to hype anything. And I do mean any damn thing.

But Black people? I think we've got that horse beat. Who else can recite a "telling off" like we can? You know, one of those "....and THEN I told that @#*&$!# that she can kiss all 240 lbs of my big, chocolate..."

You know what I mean. You're probably guilty of doing it. I know I am, lol. And we get all pissed off again reliving the moment too! We're natural sensationalist. Look at our churches! There's a lot (notice: I didn't say ALL) of spiritual pretense in one place where people are "s'posed to" do or be this and that. Disagree? Do a mic check. Listen carefully to the person who's got the microphone and see how authentically they talk to you. You can't get 3 sentences without some default church cliche.

That said, I don't trust Black people in politics. Not necessarily the politician but the entourage. It's the same thing in the music and sports industry. 9 times out of 10 it isn't the star getting the future criminal activity poppin'--- it's the goons they're with. The idiots that they are connected to in some way or the other (also known in some countries as "friends" and "family").

If a Black person tells me to vote for a candidate, I'm tempted to ask where their Michael Vick jersey is. Because if they indeed have one, I know they can't possibly be legit. Why? Because NO ONE repped the Falcons before he came. And if you're truly an Atlanta Falcon fan since Vick, show me a ticket stub for a game.


Remember the Jena 6?

All that uproar to go down and protest something that most didn't really understand but got that it was something was racist, so they did what we know how to do best: get angry. Think I'm exempt? I chose the name this E-RANTS & Insights for a reason, lol. But my point is that all that hype for what?

For one of the Jena 6 to broadcast YOUR money on YouTube, and another to be in jail THIS VERY MOMENT because of a legality that a smarter official knew he could hit him with.

And what makes him smart is that he/she knew to wait until all the angry Black people went back home because he knows we ain't taking anymore days off work.

So with Obama running for president of the United States, I know there are many (probably too many) idiot Black people who are going to socially campaign for him. Why? Because he's Black (and none of the analysts have dogged him too bad). Even if they did, you'd still vote for him because he's Black and not because of his political platform. Why? Because you're just as ignorant as I am. The only difference is that my ignorance is chosen. Which definitely doesn't make it better but it allows a moment to breathe and stop for a sec.

I'll keep it real with you. I don't follow government policies and debates. It bores the hell out of me. Call me immature, that's fine. But at my age, the whole political arena seems rampant of various opinions and, at the end of the day, it's going to be the stronger and logical opinion that wins me over. Why? Because I'm not reading up on all this shit. I don't know what's true and what isn't. These people get on the TV, radio, and are quoted in papers for all of their knowledgeable predictions and opinions and that crap is spoken like it's the gospel truth. And it is, until another knowledgeable expert provides a counter prediction and opinion, which now makes the subject controversial.


I'll find the online survey on that tells me who's views most match mine.

Then, I'll take my answer to the polls and do what the folks before me put their life at risk for until 1964.

So I'll do enough research to make a decision I'm comfortable with.

I'll vote for who I vote for.

Just know that whoever that is,

I thought about it with MY brain.

And not a hype machine's influence.

P.S.-Please note that the deadline is October 6th, 2008 for this year's election.Go to this site to register for your state:

The process is easy:

1. Select your state.

2. Enter the required information.

3. Print your voter registration application.

(Requires Adobe Acrobat. We suggestversion 7.0. Click here to download 7.0)

4. Mail your voter registration application.

You can also learn about the candidates and where they stand on the issues from this website as well.

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