Thursday, October 02, 2008

***Real Housewives in Atlanta?***

Y'all know I love my Orange County Housewives.

Those crazy White women made my moment every time TiVo would show them to me. I was sad when they left the air but had some hope for their followups, the Real Housewives of New York.

Whackness. Some WWWs for real. I couldn't sit through the first episode. I'd rather re-organize the I did.

But when I heard they were doing a Real Housewives of Atlanta, I damn near lost it! Then when it was confirmed to be TRUE I really lost it!
Couldn't wait!
That is until I saw a picture of the cast:

Now you may or may not be thinking what I thought, but I soon as I saw it I sighed in disappointment--- There are too many damn Black women on this show!

Immediately, I knew there was about to be that drama that only Colored locals (yes, I said "colored locals") can provide. It's about to be some seriously Gucci'd up embarrassment about to go down. Remember I said that. You heard it here first.

When I saw the premiere episode, it confirmed it cuz the only one who seems to have an actual job (and would be financially okay if she wasn't with him) is the football player's wife (who looks the part of a typical trophy wife but her ol' waterhead baby is TOO CUTE! Cheeks for DAYS!). Maybe I spoke too soon cuz homegirl sold real estate and that market is NOT the business down here anymore.

The first episode airs tonight and I hope that I'm not about to email the folks at Bravo and tell them the go to the OC and bring my girls back.


Only time will tell...

I just have a feeling I'm about to be right.


Wow. I had no idea. How'd the first episode go?
Ok. I watched all the episodes and I'm a fan of the show just because it is filled w/ drama and foolishness. I love it! Although it is a bit embarrassing for us!
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