Monday, May 25, 2009

***Cheers to the One***

We only get one. ONE.

One shot each month and that's it!

But THEM? Hundreds upon THOUSANDS of opportunities just sitting there on reserve. Any damn time of day.
So if you want to know why men are prone to many and women to just one?

THAT is the why.

The end.

It is the egg's job to exist as a selective part of procreation-- killing off any hopeful, attempt to get in and create a life-long situation. Why? Because that smart sucker knows how this show plays out and she's doing her best to have your back because if that ONE little bastard makes all the right moves, it's a WRAP (sound familiar?). Culturally, the ideal is that this happens in a two-person commitment (preferably the 'til death do us part kind.) but unless you've got it, you don't.

So what then?

I don't know.

But I recommend you pop in your favorite chick flick (the one that feeds you all the fantasy) and toast the bitch. Because you and I both know that happy ending dream ain't going NO WHERE.


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