Monday, May 04, 2009

***Guess Who's Coming Over***

Did anyone get to see this?

The chances are super slim given that TLC only aired it for 2 days and barely mentions it on it's website. Anyhoo, it was really well-done. No temperamental "Kill Whitey!" hostile undertones. No "I'm gonna show them!" righteousness either. It was fair without being too sugar-coated. It was genuine. And I'm PISSED about how unseen this thing is going to be.

I sent this to the Discovery Channel a few minutes ago..

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CommentsWhile I applaud your efforts to bring this topic to your viewing audience, I am very disappointed with the lack of marketing done for it. According to my TiVo there is only one episode of this incredibly well-done and fair show. I understand that race is a touchy subject but you really dropped the ball on making this one episode impactful to a mass audience. I'm offended by the "blip on the radar" actions TLC/Discovery has made. You guys wouldn't even make the episode viral online! Unfortunately, TLC seems to follow an overkill formula. Trading Spaces is a hit? Let's do it 7 times a day for YEARS until people send Paige hate mail. Super large families make people feel all warm and fuzzy? Great, let's do it 3 different ways 70 times a week until birth control sales skyrocket! You all failed a really great opportunity to start a wonderful dialogue with a great approach. I am disappointed that even with the new change America is clearly ready for (as expressed in last year's presidential election), the corporate powers that be at your network resist it. Yes, you sent the commercial to the online Black communities so the NAACP can't send you angry letters, but you didn't make it known to your CORE AUDIENCE. You allowed people only two days to see it after you barely marketed it. THEN, you didn't allow anyone who missed this episode (I don't think I can call it a show given it apparently isn't a series) an opportunity to see it after Monday. Wake up. America IS ready.


I have to agree! I wasn't sure what to expect from this show, given the sensitive nature of the topic: race in America. Also, as a citizen of the South I found myself cringing when the house looked like something out of Deliverance. However, as the episode progressed and we got to see the real people behind the redneck and the black man, it was very moving and insightful. A show of this type is very much needed in our country right now.
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