Wednesday, November 25, 2009

***Embracing Beauties***

In an e-mail exchange with a dear homie of mine, I received this delicious nugget I just had to share.

"...I went for a walk yesterday, and I was so inspired by the scenery that I took a ton of pics along the way. There were some GORGEOUS trees with lovely fall colors....and in the middle of those, was ONE with no leaves. I thought, 'Why are THESE trees so beautiful and lush as they go through the changing season, and then THIS one is empty?'-- I looked around and noticed maybe one or two other 'empty' trees amidst full, colorful ones and thought, 'These trees are like people. How they respond differs based on what they're made up of. Those trees may be weak and shut down at the first sign of change, but those others embraced this changing season and decided to change with the times. Instead of mourning the green leaves and dying off, they turned gorgeous shades of red and yellow instead...still living...still beautiful. Just in a different way'."

Great analogy, right?
Something to chew on as you give thanks:-)

(photos courtesy of her Blackberry!)

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