Thursday, January 14, 2010

*** Give Us the GAME!***

For quite a few years now, I have unconsciously held the notion that there is a secret society of White people who have the winning formulas for all things of sustainable importance on lock.

(I still quietly believe it,
I'm just conscious of it now.)
To me, many of them do things "the right way". Hell, they're the ones who got to decide what was normal/moral/just anyway. (Note: I did not say ALL. I shop at Walmart too and share aisles with many of their downfalls.) They know how to make it do what it do when it comes to important things (keep in mind "important" is completely subjective to my swirly mind). Right now, "important" to me is career, business, money and education. I have a suspiscion that they are being super stingy and unless folks of color grew up rubbing elbows with them, we're left to figure that isht out on our own.

That is all for now....

just know that I'm watching.
(...with blatant suspicion and hostility.)

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