Thursday, September 15, 2011

Louis Vuitton is that Black Crack

Black people are ruining Louis Vuitton for me.

I am so irritated by the amount of LV goods I come across on a daily basis.  In some instances (like living in NYC/NJ) public transportation is not a sign of low-income.  But in many cases (like living in NYC/NJ) some forms of public transportation are definitely a sign of low-income.  I am a part of the latter, so when I see a chick getting on the bus with a Louis Vuitton in her left hand, and a bus pass in her right, I involuntarily roll my eyes.

If you have a bus pass, a bad perm, or crusty-looking kids, I need for you to get your priorities in order.  I don't care if its real, fake, or stolen I don't want to see Louis Vuitton on the bus or on the train.  All you chicks who do that look stupid as hell.  I don't want to see it in the arms of someone with ashy ankles, many designer labels and no style wearing sunglasses inside with no savings account.  I am over all of you.

And I know what some of you think that I honestly don't understand that luxury goods are aspirational for low and middle income people.  You think that I don't know that in a life where many trappings are denied or clearly out of reach, its one of the few things to make the have-nots feel like they have.

Save the speech.

I (still) don't give a damn.

I am also very grateful that, other than Kanye West, LV doesn't use Black people in their advertisements.  (Thank you!)  I don't even want to think about what dumb shit I'd witness if they actually encouraged this.

Here's my opinion: If you carry a Louis Vuitton bag, you better not carry any debt (and have an appreciating asset or two!).  Like ANY.  You better not owe June Bug, Cousin ReRe, or Uncle Sam. And if it was a gift, the person that got it for you better be debt-free too! Like NO DEBT.

Several of you are going to feel the need to play Devil's advocate in defense of something or someone after you read this.  I promise you, you will change nothing over here.  This has built up over the years and I have hit a breaking point.  I care nothing for theoretical scenarios, political correctness, and cultural sensitivity.  This shit needs to stop.  Go to Nine West and call it a day.   

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