Saturday, September 17, 2011


Remember that scene in "The Color Purple" movie, where teenage Celie is creeping around the mean White man's store stalking baby Olivia with her new Mommy (the preacher's wife) like a slave on the Underground Railroad??? 
                                             (wait...that doesn't make sense...anyway...)

I found myself doing that at Bloomingdale's yesterday!

Once again, I have given my heart to an inanimate object that I couldn't afford in Afterlife.  She is BEAUTIFUL! She is EXOTIC! She also doesn't go with ANYTHING I own (its mustard yellow ostrich leather with olive green accents).

Ladies and gents, I introduce to you, the DVF Harper Connect Leather Daybag:



With a HUGE tassel that makes life worth living!

I've had mental fantasies about this beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg bag for days now.  I loved the design alone but when I found out that the back of the purse unsnaps to reveal a holder for your iPad, everything went to a new level of emotional attachment. I don't even have an iPad!

So you can imagine how my heart sank when I saw this chick pick up my purse and take it with her to another section.  I followed that heifer like a FBI agent! When I caught myself peering around a pillar (as did this kid in a stroller), I thought to myself "This is how Celie felt in that store!" Only, the purse (technically) wasn't mine, and the little baby staring at me (technically) isn't a racist store owner.


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