Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Walk of the Moon

I don't think you all realize the extent of my vanity should I ever learn to Moonwalk.

No, really. I'm almost 73% certain that most of y'all would put me on permanent (or temporary) ignore if I were to master this sacred dance move. I'd be waaaay too full of myself. I'd be that arrogant Kanye West/Puffy type of asshole.

Life would probably go a little something like this....

"Joi! Why did you order that when you know I don't eat it?"
"Ummm...because I can Moonwalk, can YOU?"


"Excuse me ma'am, would you like to buy some M&Ms to help support our little league team?"
"Can ya'll Moonwalk?"


"Your total comes to $223.26"
"I'm sorry! I should have told you before you rung me up--- I can Moonwalk. What's the new total?"

Seriously, what could anyone tell me???

Despite my loyalty to MJ, back in the day I was all about MC Hammer.

Matter of fact, I didn't really get "over it" until 2003. In college, I went back and re-purchased Hammertime and Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em. But that wasn't enough. I decided to resurrect one of my many childhood dreams and just do the damn thing--I was gonna train to be a Hammer Girl. I don't care what you say, those chicks were BAD! They could do everything the boys could do AND they actually looked like women. My time had come. So I went to and purchased "Mc Hammer: Too Legit Videos".

I think I'm ready now.

So if ya'll ever hear any casting talk for another MC Hammer tv movie, look out for ya girl!


I know.

Wishful thinking.


why are we friends again?


guess who - you can tell by the eyes
Because peanut butter is just SO DOPE with jelly! *wink*

(or in your case)

Ketchup is SO DOPE with damn near ANYTHING!

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